Welcome To The Singing Teacher School

  • From the Admissions Department of the Singing Teacher School ™.
  • You do not need to be a good singer to be a good singing teacher, any more than you need to be a good football player to be a good football coach.
  • Conversely, being a good singer does not mean you’ll be a good singing teacher.
  • They are different skills, and each must be learned.
  • The only requirements for admission to the Singing Teacher School ™ is that you come with an open mind, that you are willing to learn new concepts about the vocal instrument and how it really works, and that you will not teach unproven vocal techniques.
  • So many of the singing lesson videos on the internet are utter nonsense, and many are simply made up by self-styled amateur singing teachers.  You’ve already noticed that so many do absolutely nothing for your singing voice or your career.

Application For Admission To The STS School

Tuition for the STS School is $1,300 and includes the Textbook, Video Classes, Test Materials, Exams, Certificate of Graduation (Diploma), Listing on the Graduate Members Roster, and an STS Cap.

Conditions for acceptance onto the STS School Teachers Roster after graduation:

You promise to teach all of the school curriculum.

You promise NOT to invent or teach unproven vocal techniques.

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